One of the more fun studies I did during the beginning of my PhD. We had a tracking hall that allowed free natural movement in VR. It was big but still limited. But, if you introduce small, consistent errors during the movement you can trick the VR users to walk in circles while and make your tracking space functionally infinite.

As it turns out if you walk around a corner in VR and the visual world turns by 90 degrees even though you only turned 80 degrees in the real world you trust your visual system and think you turned the full 90 degrees. If you make the person in VR make enough turns and are smart about introducing these small errors consistently you can trick a person into walking around in circles in the real world while thinking they are walking straight. This means you can walk through infinitely sized virtual worlds in the confines of your moderately sized tracking hall.

I’ve added a summary of the ideas and results of the paper to the publications section. You can also download and read the pdf.